Essay about The Contributions Of Benjamin Franklin

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What were Benjamin Franklin’s contributions to American life? Throughout Benjamin Franklin’s life he has accomplished many things. Most of what he accomplished was contributions to American life. Benjamin Franklin’s contributions to American life were literature, diplomacy, and science. One of Benjamin Franklin’s contributions to American life is literature. At a young age Benjamin Franklin loved to read (Canada). He loved reading so much that he would borrow books from anyone that would lend them. When Benjamin was 12 he was apprenticed to his brother, a printer (Canada). At the age of 16 Franklin contributed essays to a newspaper published by his brother. Later on Benjamin fled from his apprenticeship to Philadelphia and found a job in another printing business (Canada). Benjamin returned to Philadelphia later on and two years later he opened a printing shop. His business produced a range of materials, including books, currency, government pamphlets, and became very successful (Canada). One of Benjamin’s most famous writings was the “Pennsylvania Gazette,” which was the United States’ most prominent newspapers during his time. The “Pennsylvania Gazette,” is considered the “New York Times” of the 18th century (Canada). Another important piece of literature that Benjamin wrote were, “The Speech of Miss Polly Baker” and “The Sale of the Hessians.” These two magnificent pieces of writing are frequently anthologized (Canada). Benjamin achieved further financial success and…

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