The Contribution Of Talk Will Be Looked At The Three Main Areas

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In this assignment, the contribution of talk will be looked at in three main areas; drama, reciprocal reading and questioning. Linking talk to how it helps children’s understanding of texts. A text is defined as meaningful phrases of language that is either written or spoken (Halliday, 1985). The national curriculum shows a variety of oral activities that can be used in the classroom, which includes persuading, drama, explaining, storytelling, and discussion (Grigg, 2010). These examples set in the national curriculum all contribute to helping with comprehension. Comprehension is in simple terms; understanding what you are reading, this usually happens before, during and after a person reads a text, to see if they are aware of what is being said. (K12Reader, 2008). Research has shown that every child’s comprehension is different depending on the questions asked and the text type, and the differences in comprehension can be down too background knowledge and word recognition (Eason et al., 2012).

Both learning to be literate and learning to talk have similar attributes, however, they are not the same (Medwell et al., 2007). Research shows how teachers do most of the talking within the classroom and pupils do not have the chance to improve on their speaking skills (Grigg, 2010). This means that children do not have sufficient time to be able to express their own thoughts and opinions. (UKLA, 2011) argue that one way for a child to develop through the years is by the use of…

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