Essay on The Contraception Methods Of Contraception

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The usage of a variety of contraception strategies had increase over the last few decades. The most common contraception method used is the condom and birth control pills. However, there are many people who do not use any type of contraception methods because they are either uneducated or they simply cannot get access to any contraception (Advocates for Youth, 2014). In addition, studies found that women who do not use any contraception methods will result in unintended pregnancy. Most unintended pregnancies are due to a lack of knowledge among young teenage girls. This reason may be the cause of uninformed teens as well as the access to contraception. Teenagers are encouraged to learn more about the contraception methods such as birth control. Moreover, teenagers should know where to access contraception because it is important for people to have easy access to these methods. In the United States, there has been years of political battle against contraceptive access and abortion.
In America, the use of contraceptives is made acceptable by the constitution of America and is considered the right of privacy. Unfortunately, millions of pregnancies in the United States are among girls under the age of twenty and that the vast majorities are unintended pregnancies (Reproductive Rights, 2013). In addition, poor and color women have a higher rate of unintended pregnancies (Reproductive Rights, 2013). Throughout history, government has enacted laws to help decrease as…

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