The Continent of North America Essay

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North America is the fourth largest continent of the world. It occupies the next place to Asia, Europe and Africa. Financed by the king and queen of Spain the famous navigator Columbus of Italy discovered America miraculously instead of India in 1492.
Many small and large islands surrounding North America are included in this continent. The islands close to North Canada, Greenland, Newfoundland and
West Indies are remarkable.
Location : The triangular continent extends from north of 830 North Latitude to the south of 80 North Latitude and from east of 520 West Longitude to the west of 1700 West Longitude. This continent is surrounded by the Arctic
Ocean in the north, South America in
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North America is a riverine continent. The Rocky Mountains of North America is the main watershed. Almost all the rivers of this continent originate from the melted snow of the Rocky Mountains, rainwater and lakes. Besides, many other rivers have originated from the Appalachian highlands.
Of the north flowing rivers: The Mackenzie, Nelson, Saskatchewan etc. are important rivers. The Mackenzie river originating from the Great Slave Lake falls in the North Sea and the Nelson river originating from the Winnipeg Lake falls in the Hudson Bay.
Of the west flowing rivers: Yukon, Fraser and Colombia are the major rivers.
These rivers fall in the Pacific Ocean. But the Colorado river of this region fall into the Gulf of California after forming a deep Canyon named as Grand
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This Canyon is 1.6 kilometres deep, 6 to 19 kilometres wide and about 350 kilometres long. Therefore, the Colorado Canyon is world famous.
Of the south following rivers: The Mississippi (4,000 kilometres) and Riograndi rivers are important. The Mississippi and Missouri rivers together measure 8,095 kilometres in length. This is the largest river in the world.
Mississippi originating from the Lake Minnesota fall into the Gulf of Mexico.
The Missouri is the main tributary of the Mississippi river.
Of the east flowing rivers: The St. Lawrence, Delaware, Potomac,
Susquenhanna and Hudson are the

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