Essay on The Contemporary Perspective Of Democracy

1918 Words Dec 6th, 2016 8 Pages
The contemporary perspective of democracy is that all citizens should have the right to participate in elections and control the structure of the government and who holds office. For example, numerous people consider America undemocratic because Trump won the presidential election losing by two million votes, and that the voice of the people was not accurately represented because the final decision was put into the hands of the electoral voters. One of the earliest forms of democracy evolved in Athens, but does not reflect how democracy is viewed today. The progression of Athenian government from monarchy to democracy is described in the Athenian Constitution written by Aristotle. It is comprised of 63 parts divided into three sections. The first section is an account of how Athens changed its government since the rise of Solon until Cleisthenes’ reform and the battle of Salamis. The second section describes the rise of a new oligarchy until the reconstruction of democracy, while the third section describes the final policy that was in place when Aristotle wrote the constitution. Based on this constitution, Athenian democracy was influenced by many different political figures to overthrow the upper class and to establish equality among the citizens of Athens. The Attic peninsula was comprised of the city Athens and separate villages, each having its own government. Theseus was the first to unite these villages and strip them of their governments making him the first…

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