The Consumption Of Alcohol During The Russian Alcoholic Society

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The Multi-advertisement of wines and spirits has motivated the over consumptions of alcohol in Russia. Given that alcoholism, in general, impairs the reasoning capacity, the consumption caused the heavy drinking and moderate use that increased with time. The current state of alcoholism has resulted in reduced national productivity as well as multiple internal conflicts. J. True notes that the widespread “alcohol abuse [contributed] to Russia 's endemic domestic violence” problem (True, 2013, p. 179). The shifting patterns of alcohol illustrate a substantial decline in morals, degenerating to alcoholism. The general propaganda existing under socialist ideology is that alcohol hardened and empowered the individual masses. However, as powerfully illustrated, the consumption of alcohol has had significant harmful consequences associated with the workplace related problems, domestic problems, and family related as well as other interpersonal violence. The greatest impact of the Russian alcoholic society is that there is a significant social impact associated with the neglecting social responsibilities, traffic causalities and the violence in the family. Victims are often subject to inadequate attention to resources and other criminal justice related health problems. Other constraints include a negative impact of the domestic violence, poverty, and challenges. Drinking significantly influences an individual functioning in several ways. In this case, the alcohol naturally leads to…

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