The Construction Of Race And Race Essay

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The concept of race has been modified over time as people change their perspective of the world. Determining the boundaries of human ‘races’ has proven to be challenging, and there have been inconsistencies in defining these racial boundaries (James, 2016). Genetic variation arises from hereditary traits and environmental factors acting on populations. Humans are very visual individuals and consequently, classify things based on what they perceive. When different groups of people came into contact with each other through exploration and colonization, the concept of race and the latter, racism emerged. (Stuchtey, Osmann, Willenberg, & Paulmann, 2011). In this analysis I will look at the construction of race and racism and determine if race has a link to human biology.

Race is the idea that all humans can be organized into biologically distinctive groups, where each group shares physical and social characteristics (Yudell, 2011). Racial differentiation can be traced back to ~3000 BC as evidenced in the Egyptian artwork representation of ‘black’ people (James, 2016). In 1737 Linnaeus classified people on the basis of their skin colour and the continent they inhabited. Subsequently, he produced the four group classification model consisting of: the black-skinned people of Africa, the darkish-skinned people of Asia, the white-skinned people of Europe and the red-skinned people of America (Gould, 1994). Linnaeus pioneered the division of humans according to ‘race’, and while he…

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