Essay on The Constitution Of The United States

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The Constitution of the United States is made up of twenty-seven amendments. The purposes of the amendments are to make a change to the Constitution. An amendment is added to the Constitution to make a change to an older amendment. An amendment can also overturn a previous amendment. To add or remove an amendment to the Constitution, the amendment has to be passed through the congress. In congress it can be passed with a two-thirds vote, meaning two out of the three accept the new or changed amendment. Then this amendment is send to the states, if three quarters of the states pass the amendment, the amendment is then added to the Constitution. Three of those amendments are the second, fourth and thirteenth. The Second amendment has to do with the right to bear arms. The Fourth amendment has to do with no unreasonable searches or seizures. The Thirteenth amendment abolishes slavery. The second and fourth amendments are part of the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments. The Bill of Rights guarantees the freedoms of speech, worship and assembly. The Bill Of Rights are basic human freedoms.
The second amendment states that the United States citizens have the right to own and protect themselves with fire arms. When the second amendment was created there was a debate between if the amendment meant that all citizens can own and carry fire arms, or did the amendment mean that the nation should have a national guard with a prepared military ready to…

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