Essay on The Constitution And The Rights Of The People

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The Constitution was created to help establish our government and set up laws to protect the people. Within the Constitution are amendments that protect the rights of the people. Amendments 16 through 27 show a pattern of increased power of the government and increased protection of rights for the people. The United States government wanted to make the nation into a better place by adding 12 amendments. The amendments protect the rights of the people. It gives people reassurance that they will always be protected by the amendments. For example, the 19th amendment states that women are allowed to vote. Before that amendment was established, women were denied their right to vote. Now since the 19th amendment no one can deny any woman that they cannot vote. All the other amendments that are established serve the same purpose and that is to protect everyone’s rights. Amendments 17, 19, 23, 24, and 26 all have one thing in common and that is voting. They all serve the same purpose and that is to get more people to vote. The 17th amendment allows the people to vote for the Senators instead of the State Legislators voting for the Senators. It gives more power to the people and allows them to choose whom they would think would be the best candidate for their state. The 19th amendment protects women’s right to vote. It allows woman to vote which helped increase voter turnout rates. The 23rd amendment allows District of Columbia residents to be able to vote for electors for the Vice…

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