The Constitution And American Sovereignty Essay

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The purpose and the context of the article were to elucidate The Constitution and American Sovereignty as relevant to lawful authority and all the other constitutional rights of American constituents. The author insists that the fundamental scarcity of American sovereignty was placed in the Constitution. More specifically, Rabkin notes, “The Constitution is irrevocable. Unlike a treaty, it represents a commitment that cannot be renegotiated” He further notes, “It describes itself unambiguously as “the supreme Law of the Land”—even making a point of adding, “any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.” Therefore, Rabkin argues that sovereignty without the proper consideration of the Constitution is ineffective and can lead to potential discrepancies within the bureaucracy. Further, he asserts that countries must strive to maintain a sense of sovereignty in the context of international relations, ensuring that sovereignty is not loss in the international sphere of governmental relations. Main Arguments
The authors begin with a brief review of literature that introduces the idea of Abraham Lincoln regarding the American Constitution and sovereignty. He proposes that Lincoln’s view of sovereignty did not rest on power but rather the rightful authority as a political concept. Therefore, Rabkin argues that national sovereignty in relation to the Constitution has been undermined and misconstrued. Subsequently, he goes on to…

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