The Ethics Of Peer Pressure

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Enquiring about the ethics of grownups and isolating parents to find themselves is normal when maturing into adolescence. At this point in life, teenagers find solace in their peers, seeking confirmation and advice about their personal issues, peaked interests and values. Being accepted by their peers is a must for most children and teenagers. With this being the case, they are subjected to the pressures of doing what their peers are doing. Even though all peer pressure is not negative, there is still the chance of the outcome resulting in negative penalties. Therefore, it is imperative to concentrate on the following aspects of peer pressure; the growing up stage, the negatives and positives of peer influence, and the parents’ role in …show more content…
Teenagers are aware of the negative influence of peer pressure and recognize how it affects their behavior. Jeffery Lashbrook, professor of Sociology at State University of New York college at Brockport, points out that “A 1999 Gallop Poll directed towards teenagers between the ages of 13 to 17 year of ages found that forty percent speculated “peer pressure” to be culpable for the shooting at Columbine High School. They surveyed students cited “taunting by other student”, being “picked on”, “teased”, and “being left out” as some of the reasons behind the shooting.” This is, however, an intense illustration. Normal repercussions of negative peer pressure are drinking and using drugs, shoplifting, or having premarital sex. Taking a look at some of the in and outs of negative peer pressure is imperative to making recommendations to combating the problem. According to Lashbrook, “Most researches on the subject have indicated that the fear of being isolated or “left out” is very strong among teenagers.” The uneasiness of being mocked or feeling incomplete is another inference to why a great deal of adolescents succumbs to unfavorable peer pressure against their greater intuition. They fear being made fun of or being called a coward if they do take part in trendy activities such as smoking and

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