Persuasive Essay: The Fight For The Drinking Age

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The Fight for the Drinking Age
The drinking age of 21 in the United States has been refuted by many people. However, others want to keep it the same. For one, since the drinking age was set to 21, there has been decreasing levels of alcohol consumption in adults over and under 21 ("Fact"). Another reason is consumption of alcohol can be dangerous, even deadly. Alcohol is the leading cause of death for youths and it accounts for 75,000 deaths in the U. S. annually (Wechsler). Laws have been passed about the controversial drinking age in the U. S. and the fight continues today. However, the minimum drinking age should stay for beneficial reasons.
Teenagers rely heavily on peers to help them when they are in trouble or in need. However, most teens find relief in alcohol or drugs to get them through hard times. As a result of this vicious cycle, more young people are drinking illegally before they turn 21. Peer pressure has affected everyone at some point in their life. Students get pressured
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Binge drinking, that is, having five or more drinks at one sitting, is a big problem in Europe. Since the age is so young, the rate of binge drinking among 15 to 16 year-olds is double the rate in the U. S. In New Zealand, when the age was lowered to 18, there was an increase in accidents and deaths among 15 to 19 year-olds. While other countries were lowering the drinking age, the United States considered it, but only for men in the military. The government thought that if men were old enough to enlist, they should be able to drink. Therefore, the United States decreased the age for men who go into the military from 21 to 18. Unfortunately, this caused a serious problem with binge drinking in military personnel (Jones). An increase in alcohol-related car accidents occurred after the war also ("Lowering"). The drinking age being lowered has many positives and

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