Fahrenheit 451 Moving Too Fast Analysis

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AGG) If you have the chance to slow down and realize the wonderful things in life, take that advantage it can greatly affect you for the better. (BS-1) The government's control over society affects their opportunities in life, which causes them to miss out on the basic things due to them forcing citizens to move fast. (BS-2) When the society is moving too fast they are put in a position of more danger and them losing the chance for important things in life. (BS-3) Slowing down allows society to come upon more possibilities in life, like finding their emotion and realizations. (TS) The main message the author of Fahrenheit 451 is addressing is that speed has many effects on humans lives, a fast paced society creates many downfalls, and a slow …show more content…
(SIP-A) They are put in very difficult position when moving fast, no one checks on other or gives time to look for them.(STEWE-1) When Montag was walking through the woods, teenagers came speeding down it and didn't even care to look and see that someone was walking, if Montag didn't get out of the way they would have killed him and not even cared. “‘They would have killed me’, thought Montag, swaying, the air still torn and stirring about him in dust, touching his bruised cheek” (Bradbury 122). Everyone goes to fast and doesn't look or ever worry about anyone else, they would have thought they ran over a little animal because of how careless their society is. Everyone who drives is only worried about getting home to watch their favorite shows, or going on technology, killing someone won't affect them at all. (STEWE-2) In society no one cares about other people, they only care about themselves. “No one has time anymore for anyone else”(Bradbury 21). They are moving too fast to show affection for anyone, they all need to fit their expectations for themselves and that's all they care about in life. No one has any concerns or worry about anyone else, and someone who does care can get killed for being different. (SIP-B) The downfall of going too fast consists of losing opportunities in the outdoor and significant problems in the world. (STEWE-1) The society doesn't have get the chance to take time and look around them, realize they weather and nature outside."’I sometimes think drivers don't know what grass is, or flowers, because they never see them slowly,’ she said”(Bradbury 6). The pace is going so fast in their community no one relaxes and even looks outside or see what's around them. Everyone's to worried about making sure they are home to watch television, that what's surrounding them doesn't mean anything in their world. (STEWE-2) Speed causes people who have

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