We Need To Establish To Go To Heaven

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Many times people question what the list consists of, or what tasks are that we need to accomplish to go to Heaven. God has put us here on this earth for a reason. That being to live the lives He has given us, giving Him all the glory. God wants you to trust and accept Him in your heart. His standards are so high and it would be impossible to reach them. Almost like being a toddler trying to reach for that cookie jar on top of the fridge. God has a plan for each and everyone of us, and if we allow Him to take a hold of the life given to us, He will shape and form us into the people whom He desires. God loves you and He will always be with you wherever you are.
“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” (ESV, Gen. 1.1). God made
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Jesus offers forgiveness from sin if we repent. If we repent from our sins and turn to God for forgiveness, he will restore life for us. Our sins are like having a curses put on us and Jesus has promised that when we ask for forgiveness it is no longer hovering over us. He has the right to punish us for what we do that is wrong, but does not. By the grace of God, we do not need to hold on to any of these sins because God clears us of all of our wrong doings and sins. Gods grace is the kindness He shows towards us us even though we do not fully deserve it. He is perfect and we are …show more content…
28.19). We are made in His image to be representatives, and ambassadors. We are to carry the tasks and responsibilities that God has left us. Thus, telling others about the good news and spreading His love for all to know about it.
God has the plan of having us join Him in Heaven and live in His Kingdom. It is currently thought of similarly to our church. The church is considered the kingdom of God, and God has instructed us to take care of them because He will come back to restore them. “For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit…” (ESV Rom. 14.17). His kingdom in Heaven will be the place where we will have eternal life and live with him.
Now, we all have a decision to make and that is whether or not we choose to believe in Him. After you put your faith and trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins, it is essential to understand the assurance of salvation. If you trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, you are indeed saved. Surrender yourself, and life to Christ. Let the Holy Spirit fill you up. Give all the honor and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ with all that you

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