Class Discussions And Partner Analysis

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Class discussions and partner share will be a teaching strategies used in our class. It will be important that we teach students what it takes to be an effective lesson partner. Students will be instructed on how to look at their partner, lean towards them, allow them to share prior to add to the discussion and they will know that everyone will be required to participate. With these strategies in place, students will become much more effective partners.
As I’m deal with a Pre K-2 SDC class I will preview our daily schedule and my students a student 's schedule frequently, helping those students that seem to misbehave because they do not respond well to unexpected change in schedule or cannot remember what their schedule is.
In deal with
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Sometimes we use academic adjustment to modify a student 's behavior. Some students may act out due to a lack of knowledge or they may act out as a means of avoiding work. An academic adjustment is a change made to the student 's academic task to improve the student 's behavior. Such changes may include the amount of work assigned; add additional support for a student, or giving additional time to complete an assignment. These minor adjustments may help the student’s confidence removing some of the negative attitude that causes them to act …show more content…
First I will be sure to be a teacher that enjoys my subject, students, has a positive attitude, and will demonstrate confidence in teaching; these traits have shown to positively impact a teacher 's effectiveness towards their students resulting in increased student motivation and engagement. When students are reflecting, questioning, conjecturing, evaluating, and making connections between ideas, they are engaged. I will make every effort to create rich educational experiences that challenge students’ ideas and stretch them as far as they can go so that they have a positive experience and gain confidence.
Social skills and self-regulating strategies
The goal of social skills instruction is to teach socially acceptable behaviors that will help students be accepted by their classroom peers and teachers, and provide lifelong skills, this is extremely important in an SDC setting. We will take time to teach social skills to the entire classroom, but will also take time to instruct individual students about social skills. I have several social skills that we will focus on. The first being daily greeting, as I meet students every morning, I will greet them and require them to do the same. A handshake and morning greeting is extremely simple but so important to creating that bond in the

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