Poverty In The Roman Empire Essay

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Poverty has affected Great Empires and Nations throughout history. Poverty has even affected cultures, different races, and genders. This is an issue that has been around since the beginning of time and most likely will never end. Some like to think that people are choosing to be in poverty, or ignore just how significantly poverty can destroy nations as a whole. The Roman Empire are remembered for their power, leaders such as Julius Caesar, and their crumbling society which leads to their downfall. They influenced government, voting, and created a level poverty that would lead to their destruction. Poverty is proven over and over again throughout history to be the worst form of violence and destruction to nations downfalls.
Rome raised, conquered,
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These women were considered upper class and a Roman Lady below. This picture was found in the remains of a “villa destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius (Spielogel, 2006, p. 123).” This is a good visual of Roman women versus those who were born into the upper classes. Along with poverty affecting farms, slaves, disabled, and women poverty also could be found in Roman religion. Religion is a significant part of developing, governing, and collapsing nations. Romans liked to take in other citizen’s religions after conquering lands. This created many different Gods and how cities within Rome choose to worship. Usually, only the empires were the highest rank in the religions. An example of a leader in the head of the religious position would be Julius Caesar. A man with power in the Senate, the army, and the gods. The citizens of Rome depended heavily on the gods when it came to their successes. Like many social, economic standards in Rome to receive any goods from the gods a person needed to have a strong ritual. Strong rituals included elaborate parties and offerings to the Gods. Those who lived in poverty had nothing to offer to the gods but a man like Julius Caesar had an abundance amount to offer to the Gods. Religion like so many other issues is encouraging the wealth and denying the poor. Another factor that contributed to the downfall of Rome. “Man who rules the lives of fifty million citizens becomes the ruler of state and religion. A short step between Emperor and God (Knowledge, 2015, p. http://www.ancient.eu/video/662/autoplay/).” In the illustration below there is a picture that is “A marble sacrificial altar dedicated to the Roman gods Mars and Venus, c. 124 CE. Later used as a pedestal for a statue of the god Silvanus. The carvings tell of the founding of Rome with the figures of Romulus and Remus, their adoptive shepherd father Faustulus and a personification of the river

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