Persuasive Essay On Mcdonald's

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Is fast, unhealthy, and convenient food really the best we can do for our families and our bodies? McDonald’s may be a convenient way to satiate our hunger while on the go, but McDonald’s hamburgers appear to offer little actual meat content. In recent studies, they’ve found to have as little as two percent of actual meat. Even though we eat fast food all the time, most of us never take the time to actually look at what we’re eating and the amount of “real” ingredients in them. Fast food is a way of life for people, but it has its consequences. McDonald’s is horrible for our bodies because it is addictive, unhealthy, and causes obesity in children. McDonald’s has a lot of history behind the making; along with how they have become the restaurant they are today. Believe it or not, the first actual McDonald’s was a barbeque joint that was opened in the 1940’s by two brothers Dick and Maurice MacDonald. This first joint was opened along Route 66 in San Bernardino, California. They started off offering twenty-five different items on their menu that were served by carhops. Their system worked by people “driving up, placing their order with the carhops and then their food was served on …show more content…
No dishes to do either; we just have to throw the trash in the garbage, and don’t have to make the food because it already comes pre-made.
Overall, fast food compared to food in the normal grocery store, costs a lot less than going and buying it from the store (Greene, Stuart, 2008). With how the economy is right now, most people turn toward the food that is cheaper and still tastes good. In the end, these foods are very addictive because they’re cheap and full of flavor enhancers and colorings to make them appealing and edible to consumers. It makes people and their families choose the easy way out and keep coming back for more. This is great isn’t it? Fast, cheap and convenient but underlying these main aspects is a nutritional

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