The Consequences Of College Athletes

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The popularity of college athletics has increased among Americans over the recent years. Therefore, universities are gaining mass amounts of profit from their schools’ athletic programs. Student athletes who are involved in these programs are not seeing a reasonable return for the hard work and dedication they put in to make their universities great. In some regards, sports have become the foundation for many universities. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a non-profit organization that sees their athletes as amateurs and not professionals. A non-athlete at a university has more free time to pick up a job that will help them make money for their needs. Whereas an athlete will need the time away from the classroom to improve the craft that may somewhat help them pay for their college. Athletes in …show more content…
College athletes should be paid for playing because they do not have sufficient time to make money to help support themselves and universities profit from the athletes’ performances and identities even though these athletes are not directly rewarded for accumulating wealth for the …show more content…
These athletes are not being able to use their abilities to earn money and help them with expenses. College athletes are making the NCAA billions of dollars a year and are not getting rewarded for it because they are amateurs. If the athletes are so-called amateurs, than why do people continue to pay thousands of dollars to come watch the athletes compete? The NCAA claims the athletes are in college for the main purpose of academics, but athletes are missing class for games and tournaments weekly. Student athletes put valuable time and effort into their sport so that they can help provide profit and help promote universities. For whatever reason, these athletes get little to nothing in

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