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Through the evolution of technology has the also come the transformation of interaction. Communication, in particular, has severely transformed from what it once was to the very common text messaging of the modern day. This form of conversation has skyrocketed in popularity due to the factor of convenience that it allows for those teenaged too preoccupied with their everyday lives to engage in another form of interaction. With its increased popularity, it has become unusual for anyone to engage in the phenomena through their phone. With the advantages that come with the use of these messages, there also exists greater amount of disadvantages that have newly come to plague those partaking in it. With the harm that it causes to the new generation, …show more content…
The excessive use of the devices and constant strain of the thumbs of those using them, although there may be a slight pain in the extremities that is possibly dismissed, “too much texting could lead to temporary or permanent damage to the thumbs” (Johnson). This damage can stem from the “intensive repetitive use of the upper extremities,” proving that the dangers of texting could possibly be affecting the very body part that allows it to be sent (Johnson). This may not be the only possible injury to be sustained through such an action. Not only are wrists and hands affected by texting, but also neck and back due the poor posture involved in the action (Lliadas). The repetitive motion of sending and composing messages, as well as the pressure placed on the joints, muscles and tendons creates a future risk for arthritis in the future (Lliadas). Yet the constant threat is not only limited to physical damage to the individual, psychologists, along with physicians, are concerned with the device’s affects on health. Although seeming harmless, texting could lead to anxiety and sleep deprivation, two major problems that could affect adolescents in other mental problems (Hafner). Both issues are major factors in negatively affecting a plethora of other disorders and problems to come in the possible future health of the

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