Mobile Phone A Blessing Or Blessing Essay

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Are mobile phones a blessing or curse? This is one of the questions most people ask when it comes to the use of technological devices. Mobile phones are one of the technological devices that have brought a lot of changes since the twentieth century when it was first introduced. Despite many concerns arising from the use of mobile phones, they continue to improve our lives each passing day.

Before hand held devices such as mobile devices, landlines were used as means of communication. These landlines were either found in booths or houses of few people who could afford it. People would get it in line just to make a simple phone call. The phone booth was equipped with directories in which landline numbers and address of people were found. Communication
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Some mobile phones have access to internet and websites to search for many things. Some websites contain educational content, such as Google Scholar, which is used by students to do research and get reference material from. One need not wait to purchase a book to start absorbing knowledge, since material is now openly found and available and also there is no shortage of assistance and mentorship through various means.

Mobile phones allow download of numerous apps. In recent days, mobile phones are purchased with pre-installed apps which help you to use the phone easily. Furthermore, you can download more from websites and app stores. For students, apps such as word processors help a lot in study. Web browsers let you access the Internet easily. Weather apps help people predict and prepare for weather conditions in the day. Games are loved by many and mobile phones let you play and even compete online with other
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The mobile phone has made it easier to do some simple tasks. This leads to low levels of physical activity among phone users, especially the youths. This makes the youth more disease prone. This laziness leads to obesity which brings with it many ailments such as heart disease and even depression. Users of mobile phones also complain about headache, hand tremor and finger discomfort. A research conducted noted that users complain of discomfort at least on one are of upper extremities, back or neck. Long term usage also leads to additional tension on tendons, muscles and parametric tissue, which could result in visual display terminal (VDT) syndrome. However, side-effects on human’s physical state could be improved with physical exercise and stretching. Dr. Julia a professor, a kinesiologist, massage therapist, fitness instructor and creator of four trademark classes, offers a series of exercise in her e-book “From Pain to

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