Smart Phone Effects

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Frequent use of smart phones is harmful to a person's health". To what extent do you agree with this statement?
In recent years, smart phones have increasingly been used by large numbers of people due to the advancement of technology. While some studies indicate that smart phones pose a negative impact on the public’s health, some researchers disagree with this assertion. This essay examines both the negative and positive effects of smart phone use on people’s physical and mental health.
The harmful impact of radiation on the body is one of the central arguments against mobile phone use. As pointed out by Meral et al. (2007), radiation from mobile phones could “produce oxidative stress in brain tissue" (p. 122). This means there is an increased
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A study conducted by O'Neill and Brady (2013) reveals that a considerable number of apps which contain health information are released without the involvement of medical professionals. As a result, the information on these apps may not be very reliable. In addition, some apps are designed for advertising purposes and were likely written without the support of academic studies. It is therefore possible that apps which aim to promote health products instead of providing substantial health information may contain misleading information. If some smart phone users cannot distinguish between advertisements and verified health information, they may be misled and purchase health products that do not benefit them or even harm their …show more content…
This is evident in a study by Luxton, McCann, Bush, Mishkind, and Reger (2011) who discuss how online games can possibly be used in motivating users to engage in sports-related activities, which can benefit one’s health. As these games are easily accessed by all smart phone users, the promotion of this healthy behaviour is likely to be effective. Apart from physical health, smart phones can also help to enhance the public’s mental health (Luxton et al., 2011). With a smart device in hand, people can browse social networking sites, chat with their friends via texts and send pictures even when they are not at home. Those who are reluctant to talk face-to-face can express their feelings to their friends online and gain emotional support. This can contribute to the relief of anxiety and other psychological pressure, and thus foster interpersonal

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