The Conquest Of Aztec Culture Essay

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As conqueror of the Aztec Empire in Mexico, explorer of Guatemala and Honduras, and leader of the first expeditions to California, Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortés contributed significantly to the establishment of European domination in America. More particularly we see his contribution to Spanish prominence in both Central and South America. His conquests helped shape the origins and history of the southwestern United States and Mexico. Spaniards initially occupied the New World in order to secure commercial networks and ensure a steady flow of goods back across the Atlantic. However, Cortes’ conquests would act as a precedent to a regional dominance over an entire continent. Cortes also played a major role in the eradication of Aztec culture through both disease and physical means. Cortes was indeed one of the pioneers of the Age of Exploration. Nonetheless, his actions can be viewed in a positive or negative light. Hernan Cortes’ condescension towards the Natives he encountered would ultimately lead to a negative perception and thus terrible treatment and his ruthlessness would lead the way for Spanish dominance in the South and Central American regions and other European ventures to the Americas.
Cortés was born in 1485 to a poor, noble family in Medellin, a village in Spain. He attended the University of Salamanca, where he studied to become a lawyer. He did not complete his studies, however, deciding instead to go to the New World and make his fortune. This huge…

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