Dbq Essay On Aztecs

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Lastly, trade was impacted negatively because all the populations but one, collectively channeled their energy towards and only towards religion. while trade remained only local, killing their economy off and depriving them from new resources and domestic animals. Aztecs were maybe the only civilization to develop the most in trade than others their Emperor conquered other civilizations, and expanded upon trade. Tenochtitlan was made a Mesoamerican trade center, most likely because he wanted to have new items and ally other civilizations coming there. However, according to Aztecs Economically Isolate and Enemy, they banned trade against Tlaxcalans, taking cotton, gold, silver, cocoa, salt, etc. The priest Diego Camargo wrote this information although he was Spanish. There was no relation to the Spanish, thus it can be thought as unbiased. (Aztecs Economically Isolate an Enemy explains a …show more content…
(Gale Group Doc. References and Primary Sources On Aztecs support the previous Primary Source by saying that it was true that the Spanish enslaved the Aztecs and made them seem better in their written documents). Likewise from Gale Group Doc. References and Primary Sources On Aztecs, they mentioned that the Aztecs were enslaved by the Spanish losing autonomy, culture, and goods. They were essentially enslaved and used to benefit the Spanish, as also mentioned by Diego in his document. (Aztecs Economically Isolate an Enemy explains Diego saw Spanish as better, and he upraised the enslavery of Aztecs). It is seen that the Aztecs were more apart of trade and economy than other civilizations, such as the Olmecs who only played Ollamalitzli, because their Emperor maybe strived for power through trade. It can also be said that Aztecs were underdeveloped in technology, causing them to eventually diminish in trade, which could have been a reason for their fall as a

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