Essay on The Conflict Theory And Social Behavior

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Family Introduction Paper Traditionally, family is defined by the title and relationship of the ancestry. However the modern day definition has evolved to include anyone with an intimate and or both vital connections to the relationship. A theoretical perspective leads family researchers to identify those aspects of families and relationships that interest them and suggests possible explanations for why patterns and behaviors are the way they are (Lamanna, Riedmann, & Stewart, 2015, p. 32). Sociologist analyzes social circumstances. Society and social behavior are key elements in question. The conflict theory studies how the elite control the environment and actions of those around them. The tend to have a major influence on the outcome of things to be in their favor. While the interaction-constructionist perspective focuses on interactions, the face to face encounters and relationships of individuals who act in awareness of one another (Lamanna, Riedmann, & Stewart, 2015, p. 38).
When discussing biological connections of family, we have all heard the term; blood is thicker than water. This saying literally has proven to be true. However this is not always the case when addressing biological family relationships. We learn from our interactions with one another. Which relationship is worthy to be classified as immediate, extended or distant family members? It is true the biological makeup of the bloodline makes us connected as family but this does not…

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