The Conflict Perspective On Education Essay example

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The United States, in certain ways, has one of the best educational systems in the world. However, our system of education is not without its fair share of faults. While there are various theories that deal with the issue of education, there is only one that is the most relevant and logical to today’s situation. In addition to the theories, there are also problems when it comes to education, and, more specifically, two ones that stand out above the rest as the most severe. Life is often filled with disagreements and struggles, and our educational system is not free from the chains of these issues. Of the theories that we have discussed in class so far this past week, the one that I agree with most is the Conflict Perspective on education. The Conflict Perspective states that “the educational system perpetuates social inequalities”, meaning that the system that we have set up to educate our population in the hopes of making them more intelligent and aware of social problems, instead promotes ideas that are detrimental to the equality of certain people. Further examples of the legitimacy of this theory, and another reason that I agree with this theory, is the Pygmalion Effect. This social phenomenon is “the idea that teachers’ attitudes about their students unintentionally influence their academic performance”; although this effect can be beneficial to students, it can also be highly dangerous – as, if a teacher’s attitude towards a student is negative, than the student…

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