The Conflict Of Power And Power Essay

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In all professional settings there is the conflict of power. Holding and giving power in any situation is a tough balancing act when it comes to the workplace. Due to the fact that it is a job and people will do anything and everything to keep a steady income, power distribution can lead to many types of conflict. According to Mrs. Harmon, for the most part power is distributed equally amongst the employees. Apart from the doctors and her main boss, there is no hierarchy of employees. Whenever there is conflict between employees, she will move them to another position that is on the same playing field. There is no room for promotion in the office she works at. This being said, the power abuse can only come from two sources. They are the bosses of the company and whoever holds the position that Mrs. Harmon does. After interviewing her, it was abundantly clear that she does not abuse her power whatsoever. She made it a point to make us aware that she only interjects when absolutely necessary. Her boss on the other hand seems to try to abuse his power but is so back and forth all of the time; he does not really accomplish anything.
Organization Policies and Regulations
Mrs. Harmon described to us the policies that the organization has in place to deal with different issues that may arise in the work environment. Once a year all employees had to sign the forms regarding the company’s office policies, saying that they read and understood the expectations that the company had…

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