The Conflict Between Violence And Religion Essay

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It is difficult to imagine the Barbarians and Christians had much in common when they rivaled each other so adamantly during the Medieval period, but resentment toward one another surely stimulated fierce conflicts that paralleled their violent tendencies. Those within the Carolingian Empire required biblical justifications for any controversial matter concerning Charlemagne’s desire to pursue the universal expansion of Christianity. Pagans proved to be exceptionally defiant toward converting to Christianity, which led the Franks to believe they rightfully needed to enforce a religious transformation across Europe by any means possible. The Saxons Wars and Vikings raids in Paris stressed the need for Franks to define violence as God’s tool to necessarily implement judgement upon sinful people, Christian or Pagan, and spreading Christianity while resisting Paganism dominated the Frankish agenda in order fulfill God’s will.
Images in the Stuttgart Psalter and the correlating text can be used to identify how Franks understood the relationship between violence and religion in the early eighth century. Artists of the Stuttgart Psalter visually enhanced the Psalms to intensify the horror, encouraging an intimate prayer that would be more enjoyable to share and read. Thus, the message in Psalms 57, 59, and 77 that emphasized the justification for affliction upon sinful people under the righteous authority of God would likely become popular among religious leaders. Psalm 57…

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