The Conflict Between The Individual And His Society Essay

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The relationship between the individual and his/her society is a subject of continual interest not only to philosophers and religious thinkers. We, as individuals, have hopes, plans, needs, and expectations. Likewise, society has its own, which present itself in the form of laws, traditions, and needs for the greater good. Often, these needs and demands of the individual come in conflict with those of society, and this raises problems for both. Due to the importance of this relationship, the conflict is often presented in many literary works. When this conflict occurs, an individual is forced to make a decision to conform to what the community believes or risk public scrutiny for continuing to believe in what he or she feels is right. In Sophocles well known play, Philoctetes, this conflict emerges. Each of the characters in this play have radically different personalities, backgrounds, and motivations, which allows for a dramatic shift of tone and suspense, as well as a melting pot for this conflict to take place. Neoptolemus, for instance, desperately struggles with resolving this conflict, often asking “What shall I do?”[969] Neoptolemus struggles with following his own individuals morals and his loyalty to the Greek army.
Philoctetes provides a superb platform to discuss this conflict. The play takes place on the barren island of Lemnos. The only inhabitant of the island is the legendary warrior, Philoctetes, who was abandoned years prior by Odysseus and his leaders,…

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