Essay about The Conflict Between Science And Religion

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In Childhood’s End by C.E Clark, religious archetypes such as devil imagery, biblical terms and relations between characters of the book and religious deities are used to examine the conflict between science and religion. The Overlords who represent scientific knowledge initially pose as a threat against the various religious beliefs and customs of the race of humans. The Overlords however see religion as a threat to not only themselves, but humanity.The Overlords deem it fit to defeat religion in order to preserve humanity and have no retaliation from the humans against their rule due to religious imagery. They do this in the most effective way possible, science

In “Childhood 's End”, science defeats religion in order to cease war caused by the differences of religious beliefs.For many decades the human race takes advantage of religion as a suitable justification for warfare which poses as a threat to the human population. There are many various religions with conflicting ideas which cause major dispute among various groups of people which eventually leads to excuses for warfare.“all worlds religions cannot be right and they know it.” (16)Humanity is divided in a dispute and sees it fit to use religion as a reason for any casualties. This human massacre cannot be permitted since the human race needs to be protected in order to flourish that they may be alive to perform their greater purpose, joining with the Overmind.The Overlords see the defeat of religion necessary in…

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