The Conflict And Individual Refugee Situation Essay

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Myth #6: Host Countries do not have certain responsibilities
Takeaway: The international community has agreed that countries and communities that admit refugees (many of which are very poor) should be assisted by the world’s more prosperous states. Host communities do have a responsibility to protect refugees, but can only do so if they receive adequate support.

Myth #7: All refugees are resettled.
Most refugees are unsure of what the next step is once they are in temporary camps and urban settlements. There are 3 durable solutions for refugees, and each solution has challenges and benefits depending on the crisis and individual refugee situation.

Background and Updates from 2014 Figures
• There are 59.5 million people displaced worldwide.
• There were 19.5 million refugees worldwide at the end of 2014.
• Developing countries host over 86% of the world’s refugees, compared to 70% ten years ago.
• During the year, conflict and persecution forced an average of 42,500 persons per day to leave their homes and seek protection elsewhere.
• In 2014, the country hosting the largest number of refugees was Turkey, with 1.59 million refugees. By the end of 2014, Syria had become the world’s top source country of refugees, overtaking Afghanistan, which had held this position for more than three decades. Today, on average, almost one out of every four refugees is Syrian, with 95 per cent located in surrounding countries.

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