9/11 Pros And Cons

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Everything up to a point is okay on how the United States has fought the war on terror. If the focus was on how to stop terrorism from getting over to the United States or where this all started from, the success would be great. Instead, America is only protecting the U.S. and only being concerned about individual safety. Security after 9/11 is not as punctual as it was before 9/11.
America is in more danger than before 9/11 because tightening the rules, restrictions and people on the no fly list for example, makes for different ways of thinking about how to overcome security and other obstacles set in place. Terrorists are getting the advantage because of America mistakes.
In the article posted in the Washington Post, Omar stated “We divide
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Secularism is the division of the state and religious beliefs, so before the law everyone is equal. The problem here seems to be the lack of understanding on our government's part and the lack of caring about religion. All in all, not taking a second to understand. Instead of trying to understand, we put up prisons in cuba to hold and interrogate Muslims and other ethnicities. Omar also mentioned that he has seen first hand how cruel people in Cuba, are to Muslims. No wonder they all want us dead. One action shouldn’t speak for a nation, religion or race. Understanding is what our government is missing. America’s agents have detained and beaten their people. This is why Omar states, “We’re not fighting a single enemy but a decentralized patchwork of groups that adhere to the same twisted, bankrupt ideology”(Ashmawy). We are going to turn the country or group of people into …show more content…
It’s the people who give those orders, the ones who should be interacting with other countries and people to find out the who, what, when, and where the problem is. “Americans have grown used to removing their shoes and submitting to invasive searches at airport security checkpoints”(Kirszner,Mandell). Americans trying to fly, pay the price for security that takes things too seriously. The only people who should be taking things more serious, should be Homeland Security. Homeland security is the overall Security. “Our nation is stronger and more secure than it was on 9/11, better prepared to confront the challenges we face, and more resilient than ever before. But despite these improvements, we do not have the luxury to rest on our laurels. There are still terrorist groups around the world who wish us ill, and are plotting attacks against us”(Kirszner,Mandell). There is always going to be ways around our security. There is no such thing as a perfect nation, with perfect security. Terrorists will eventually catch on to America's security strategy and find different ways around them. Therefore, America is helping terrorists plot different, more creative, strategic plans. With this trait, terrorists will succeed nine times out of ten. “our enemies are motivated and wait--patiently--until we forget”(Ashmawy). America is only helping the

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