The Confession Tapes Analysis

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In The Confession Tapes, two teenage boys are charged with the murder of one of their families. This took place in Washington state and the boys’ names were Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay. Atif’s family were the ones murdered. The boys had alibis and none of the forensic evidence the police had pointed to Atif or Sebastian, but they have both been convicted and have served twenty plus years already. What the police do have, though, is a confession on tape. The confession took place in Canada with some undercover Canadian cops trying to tell the boys that the police had evidence that pointed to them as the killers, which was lie, there was no evidence that said the boys were the murderers. After Mr. Big, which is what the undercover operation …show more content…
They also bring in many other people to show their opinions on the case, with some saying the boys absolutely did not murder Atif’s family, and also some that to this day that think they did, like one of the jurors from the trial. The show definitely lets you believe who you want to and therefore form your own opinion on the …show more content…
Many aspects were different, like where they put their bloody clothes and the baseball bat that was used to kill Atif’s family. Sebastian said he murdered the family by himself and naked, so there was no clothes to dispose of, then the two were together and they said they tossed the clothes in dumpsters, and then Atif said it was “out the window.” Little aspects of the murder that night were not solid on what happened.

There was evidence that pointed away from the boys, but evidently didn’t stand up in court. There were three “endorsed leads from other police organizations” that were mentioned in one interview with Sebastian’s former girlfriend. One was an FBI informant who had very specific details to what he knew, including that the family was murdered with a baseball bat, which the police did not know at the time this informant came forward.

The Mr. Big technique has come under a lot of scrutiny since this case in Canada. Some say it is unethical, which I would agree with. The boys who were convicted of Atif’s family’s murder, were both charged with three consecutive terms, neither with the possibility of parole. They have come to the end of their ropes, Sebastian has used up all of his appeals and Atif has one

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