The Confederate States of America Essay

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A culture is the beliefs and interests of a particular group of people. About 150 years ago, a proud and noble culture was created in the Southern portion of the United States. It was created by Southerners from all walks of life, ranging from the gentry to the "good ol' boys." They loved their culture so much that they created a country. It was a country of blue skies, green hills, beautiful meadows and forests, and old-fashioned Southern hospitality. There were large plantations that grew some of the finest crops in the world. Though this country seemed Utopian, its creation soon instituted the bloodiest war in American history, the War For Southern Independence. The beautiful countryside suddenly became a battlefield. The blue skies …show more content…
The Confederate Congress passed the Conscription Act on April 16, due to lack of enlistment. The same day, Union Admiral David G. Farragut took New Orleans. On June 3, Union Generals Grant, Henry Halleck, and Don Carlos Buell captured Memphis, Tennessee. The bloodiest battle of the war, thus far, occurred from September 17 to 18. Union General George B. McClellan defeated Confederate General Robert E. Lee's forces at the Battle of Antietam.
<br>On January 1, 1863, President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation took effect and the slaves were freed. Early in March, the Union followed the example of the Confederacy and passed the Conscription Act. General Lee attacked Union General Joseph Hooker at Chancellorsville, Virginia on May 2. Lee and Jackson defeated Hooker, but Jackson was accidentally shot by one of his own men and his left arm was amputated. Eight days later, General Jackson died of the effects of the amputation and pneumonia. From May 16 to 18, General Grant laid siege to Vicksburg, Mississippi. the Western counties of Virginia broke away and West Virginia was admitted was admitted to the Union on June 20. On July 1, the Battle of Gettysburg began. Union General George G. Meade defeated General Lee after four fierce days of battle. Casualties on both sides were very high, as it was the bloodiest battle of the War. On July 9, Union forces took Port Hudson, Louisiana. The Union now controlled the Mississippi

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