The Concrete Mix Proportions For The Batch Essay

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1. The concrete mix proportions for the batch were calculated before the beginning of the lab by a select few group members. Calculations were done with goal of the having the greatest early strength as reasonably possible. To accomplish this, the accelerator agent of calcium chloride was added at a proportion of 2 Ib. of calcium chloride to every 100 Ib. of cementitious material. This ended up being 0.483 Ib. of accelerator. The physical properties, like specific gravity and percent absorption, of the course and fine aggregates were provided. At first the amounts were calculated for a cubic yard of concrete, and then they were adjusted for the amount needed for the lab. Two additives were added to increase ductility. These two additives were ¾” wire segments from 18 gauge copper audio cable and 1 1/2” segments of braded fishing line. The amounts were not calculated be merely added based on the availability of each material. A total of 71.5g of copper wire and 8.7g fishing line were added to the mix.

2. Once the weight of each material was determined in Task #1, the mixing began. The proper amount for a single batch of course aggregate, fine aggregate, concrete, and water were measured in their own five gallon buckets. The calcium chloride pellets were weight and added to the water and mixed until dissolved.
The course and fine aggregate were completely added to the mixer. A slight amount of water was added and then the mixer was turned on. With the mixer on, the cement…

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