The Conch And Evil In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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When you are young you have not yet learned the difference between good and bad It is up to your parents/elders to help socialize you into today 's society to become a productive and contributing adult, But In this story a group of boys are on the way back home from boarding school, when something horrible happens with no adults left to help the boys must quickly figure out how to survive. As the story progresses you will quickly see the group tear apart. In this essay I will show specific points and details that will compare the good and evil that is in many different things.

In this paragraph I will compare the good of the conch and evil that is castle rock.
The conch represents the laws and meetings of the boys on the good side. When
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In the story piggy 's specs are a symbol of hope, To ignite the fire of what could possibly save them from the island. Once they were stolen that 's when all hope was lost not knowing if they would ever be able to find a way to signal for a way to be rescued. “I don 't believe in the beast of course. Life 's scientific but we don 't know do we”(golding 88) In this quote thinking logically and not letting the emotions of being scared change the way you think. Always in life there will be something bad something that stops you from doing what you want to do. The spear is what symbolises evil and the need to kill and over power, chaos and savagery. In the book the spear is used in many ways by the savages. It is used in ways to viciously hunts and try to kill the pigs. It also represents chaos when all of the boys gang up and fight against piggy and ralph. And they are used in the murder of simon.“what are we...Humans...Or animals...or savages”(Golding 91) This is where they didn 't know how to think of themselves after all that they have …show more content…
Fire represents life hope survival because when there is fire there is smoke and the smoke is used to signal other people and that is hope. When the boys first get to the island they all have so much hope and there all in the right mind set that only a few of the boys have near the end of the book. As well as the fire is used for warmth throughout the night cooking the meat and just overall just increasing their chances for survival. “We saw your smoke. What have you been doing? Having a war or something?" ( Golding 207) At the end of the book when all the boys are trying to kill ralph there is a naval officer standing there and says he saw the smoke and that just goes to show you need to be patient and good things will happen when you most need them to. The war paint represents that those boys have given up on hope of being saved so the think them must become complete and total savages. They think they need to hunt every part of the day and kill/destroy anything that 's in there way of life they boys whose thoughts and doubts resulted in violence are less mentally strong. They boys with the war paint also worship a false god/ beast they think will hurt them when it 's really just a dead parachutist and the reason I think they worshiped the beast because the were all mentally unstable after the events that had previously occurred the them. “Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!" (Golding

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