The Concert, Hot Jazz For A Cold Evening Essay

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Introduction The concert that I attended, “Hot Jazz for a Cold Evening”, took place on Thursday, December 10. As I walked up to the front doors of the Freed Center a kind gentleman greeted me with a warm smile and welcomed me to the event by opening the door for me. Right away I could tell that this was a professional event and very well run. The event was formal and everyone was dressed in nice clothing. When walking into the theatre I was greeted by another kind gentleman who handed me the program for the event. The lights were dimmed giving off a very relaxing feel that seemed fitting for the theme of the concert. As the event started the lights were shut off and the audience was asked to turn off their cell phones and be quiet and courteous to those around them. That is when the director welcomed us to the event.

“Latin American Sunshine” This piece was a jazz band medium performed by drums, bass, trumpets, and saxophones including various instruments. The genre of this song was also jazz being as this was a jazz concert. The combination of all these instruments together created a homophonic texture featuring a conjunct melody. This piece had an upbeat tempo making it allegro. There was an accelerando during the song occuring when the bass was playing. As this accelerando was occurring the members of the band started swaying their hips almost as if they were doing the macarena. At the end of this piece there was a ritardando as the beat started to slow…

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