The Concepts Of Spirituality : An Account Of My Journey With Spirit & Self

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The Concepts of Spirituality
An account of my journey with Spirit & Self

Our complete existence is anchored in our spiritual selves – or lack thereof. Those of us who develop our spiritual selves get to experience all the amazing pleasures life has to offer because you earn it through the process of spiritual development of the Self. The small-town farmer in Kansas, the traveler who traverses all the world from a backpack, the nurse who is cursed at least once a month by hurting patients, the teacher who masters the rambunctious children, the famous and rich like Mrs. Oprah Winfrey (a personal hero & a legend) – they’ve all connected to their spiritual selves and begin leading and living fulfilling and purposeful lives. Those of us who decide not to develop the spiritual self or develop it for use in evil doings are said to have died, without ever having lived. The sadness here is that they too are conscious, miraculous, and perfectly able to develop a spiritual Self and they just won’t do it – either because of current beliefs or external pressures. Although, I’d remind everyone it’s a choice – without a doubt. That’s because inside yourself, and I speak from experience, is where all choices are made and it’s where your reality around you manifests from. No one, not a single soul on this planet can access that part of you. Therefore, creating change in our lives is extremely simple – just not always easy.

I was in the situations of life where all of us would agree…

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