The Concept of Self-Transcendence Essay

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Life is full of obstacles that thwart one’s ability to discover the true meaning of existence. In The Unheard Cry for Meaning, psychologist Viktor Frankl explains that “An eye with a cataract may see something like a cloud, which is its cataract; an eye with glaucoma may see its glaucoma as a rainbow halo around the lights. A healthy eye sees nothing of itself – it is self-transcendent.” The concept of self-transcendence requires one to overcome the different “cataracts” of life, and ultimately view the world through an altruistic perspective. When one conquers the notion of seeing “nothing of itself”, one can comprehend the true meaning to living a full and healthy life. In Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, the main character Gregor Samsa …show more content…
46) Gregor’s persistence to “inch himself farther onto the immaculate living room floor” (Pg. 46), despite being physically soiled and “completely covered with the dust that blanketed his room” (Pg. 45), suggests his dire craving for human love, and his determination to further draw himself to the splendor of his sister’s music. Gregor’s exposure and admiration to music temporarily moves him from his depression, and his metamorphosis serves as the medium through which he feeds his longing. After Gregor’s metamorphosis, Gregor undergoes dejection in which he finds himself uncomfortable, uncertain, and lost due to the lack of compassion that others express toward him. Once transformed, Gregor realizes that music is the “food” that satisfies his hunger for comfort and hope, qualities of humanity that he has regained after being transformed into a vermin. In pursuing Grete’s music, Gregor understands that he can cure his melancholy by showing a livelihood that reflects hope in the realization that love and beauty still exist in the world. Through his actions, Gregor triggers the yearning to escape his solitude, and discover his “soul” by pursuing the music that comforts him. At the novel’s end, Gregor’s family comes to the conclusion that they must abandon the notion that the monstrous bug is Gregor. Grete reasons that if the bug were really Gregor, he would have gone away on his own

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