Essay on The Concept Of Self Determination And Self Actualization

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Human potential is a concept that many theorists of Psychology have suggested is innate in our nature as human beings. As humans, we are designed to grow and maximize our capacity to develop. Do we have access to attainable possibility’s simply from being? If we are given a certain set of circumstances, do we gravitate towards success? Of course, it makes sense that if humans are given opportunities, we strive to excel and exceed expectations. Is this in our nature or is it learned? Is there a reason why we feel the need to become something? Could this simply be what our society has taught us or is the concept of self-determination and self-actualization something that’s deeply rooted within our chemical makeup? Is our human potential determined by a specific set of ingrained factors or is it influenced by outside sources that make one determined? The orgasmic meta-theory suggests that we are active organisms who tend to strive for growth, success and mastership of challenges, pending we have an ongoing support system and are supplied with right set of social relationships and encouragements. Our natural tendencies for human growth and potential will either flourish, due to outside sources, or become restrained due to negative experiences. An individual’s overall well-being and ways of functioning can catapult us into achieving our full potential as an independent person or render us stationary or deprived of certain needs; never moving forward and lacking in motivation and…

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