The Concept Of Patient Centered Care Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to define the concept of patient-centered care and to explain how nursing education, nursing practice, and nursing research are incorporated into patient-centered care. I will also be addressing the knowledge, skills, and attitude that are required by nurses in order to maintain a satisfying relationship with their patients. “Patient-centered care is the focus on the patient’s needs, patient control, and the interaction between the patient and health care provider” (Dabney & Huey-Ming, 2013, p. 1).
Patient-centered care is defined as a mutual beneficial relationship between patient and health care providers with the shared goal of enhancing the patient’s wellbeing. Patient-centered care is believed to be a well-rounded type of nursing care (Boykins, 2014). It is a mechanism used by nurses to perform as active members in the recovery of their patients, and to involve patients in their own care (Boykins, 2014). Patient-centered care focuses on the interaction between the patient and the healthcare provider, in this case the nurse. Its purpose is to satisfy the patient’s needs and accelerate their recovery by fully considering their thoughts, feelings, and actions (Boykins, 2014).
Patient-Centered Care in Nursing Education
Having a good foundation in patient care is essential for having a successful career in nursing. Nurses need to be taught how to handle difficult patients, how to earn their trust, and make them feel satisfied with their care.…

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