Essay about The Concept Of Oil Fracking

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The concept of Oil Fracking was first tapped into by Col. Edward Roberts, a civil war veteran. During the battle of Fredericksburg VA he drew the concept from exploding artillery into a narrow canal obstructing the battlefield (Manfreda J.). In 1866, Robert patented the “Exploding Torpedo”. A long rod shaped self- propelled underwater missile was packed into an iron case with 15-20 pounds of powder (Manfreda J.). Underground the case was placed right above the oil reserve, the wire on land was connected, the bomb blew, and water was added to flood the borehole. His invention increased the production of oil by 1200% (Manfreda J.). In the 1930’s the explosive substance was replaced with a non-explosive acid that prevented the closing of the openings and increased productivity. Hydraulic Fracking evolved in 1949, when successful testing made it spring to commercial use. Later horizontal Drilling was combined with Hydraulic drilling to improve the extraction of oil. By 2003 hydraulic fracturing was used on a massive scale by energy corporations with their eye on shale formations containing these indispensable resources. Modern day hydraulic oil fracking uses up to 8 million gallons of freshwater and 75,000 pounds of sand or more. It accounts for 60% of all new oil and gas wells. A well is created and water, chemicals, and sand is pumped into the ground to extract natural gas or oil from reserves 5,000 to 7,000 feet underground (EEC Environmental). After the well is created a…

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