The Concept Of Cloning

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Ideally, clone have the potential to solve many problems that plague our world today. There are a lot of things that we could have clones doing to benefit our society such as farming or gathering other food resources and much more. However, the world is not yet sophisticated enough to handle concept of cloning. The first thing we must do in order to even contemplate the idea of clones is to have a standard definition of a human being. Personally, I believe in order for a human to be human one must meet one of the two requirements; have human features and or attributes, and aware of ones and others consciences being. But the definition of a human being is multifarious, what I believe a human to be is different to what you believe a human to …show more content…
Granted, clones can be used for many things such as but not limited to, picking up the dirty jobs and will do them to perfection. We can send clones to third-world countries to help the impoverished. With intense programing, we can create clones to be the ultimate solider that experiences no pain. We can even engineer clones to be heavily involved with space exploration. But even for all that, the cost of raising a clone would be too high. In order to properly cultivate a clone that upholds our standard morality and ethics we would have to raise it from a child. Due to the fact that noting is perfect, we are not guaranteed that a clone will survive the process. Thus to increase our success rate we will have to engineer hundreds in one cycle. Contrary to the clones being created in a large group, the ones that will survive the cloning process must be educated about life as an individual. Each clone will need to be docile and with many parental figures that could impart them with wisdom and knowledge. Not only would this take a lifetime for a clone to reach adulthood to benefit the human society, but these clone would also need to be fed, clothed and taken care of when sick. All of which we do not have the resources for. Furthermore we cannot allow for cloning because it would taking away resources from other humans whom have been given the natural birth right to receive such resources like food, water and other basic

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