Cloning Argumentative Analysis

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Want to have another you wandering around? Neither does the rest of the world. But apparently, a lot of scientist would like to make that possible. They would like to clone anything that they deem necessary. Proponents of the idea say that cloning could lead to more disease resistant plants, but, this very creation could cause lack of DNA diversity. So, cloning should not be allowed because because people are still very conflicted on the subject, also the cost of cloning is too extreme and, it would lack in DNA diversity. First of all, cloning is still very new to the world. Although cloning has been around since Dolly the Sheep, the whole world is still conflicted on the subject. Some feel that the cloning of embryos, is morally repugnant and may feel that the idea of cloning humans is “playing God” according to “What are the Pros and Cons of Cloning?” So, if too many people are conflicted based on a moral stance, it will create too much turmoil in the science community. Considering how difficult it is to create clones, scientist cannot afford to get their clones rejected solely based on morale. Others also fear that people could decide to genetically engineer super kids, according to “What are the Pros and …show more content…
Especially, when scientists created the possibility for cloning particular organs, for transplants, or for any other medical usage. In the article “Pros And Cons Of Cloning” it states that “Technical...of human society”. Seems like a phenomenal idea but, the cost could make the organs exclusively for those who can afford the process. Another dilemma is if insurance will cover the cost according to “What are the Pros and Cons of Cloning” it states that “it would be hard to know if health insurance company would pay for a person to have an organ cloned.” If people are unable to pay for their organs then there isn’t a point to creating them. So, its lack of availability to the common person is still

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