The Concentration Camps During The Holocaust Essay

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The Holocaust began around 1935. During this time, thousands of people were sent to concentration camps because they were not members of Hitler’s master “Aryan Race.” Most of these people were Jews, homosexuals, blacks, and the disabled. Some people did not even survive the journey to the camps because they were not strong enough to endure the train ride. Others were immediately sentenced to death upon arrival at the camps. The largest and most notorious of all concentration camps was located in Poland and was (and is still today) known as Auschwitz. This camp was a critical component of the Final Solution and served to facilitate the carrying out of this goal. By examining the daily life, conditions, and methods of execution, one is able to understand the true scope and horrific nature of life at Auschwitz. Once one had endured the long train ride and lasted the selection process, one had to face the daily routine if he or she wanted to survive. Most of the prisoner 's day consisted of hard work, labor, and roll-calls ("Auschwitz-Birkenau: Living Conditions, Labor & Executions"). At 4:30 am, prisoners were awoken by a gong. If these prisoners were not moving fast enough, they would be beaten by other prisoners with sticks (Świebocka, Webber, and Wilsack). The prisoners would then make their beds and get in line for a daily roll-call ("Auschwitz: The Camp of Death"). Following the roll-call, the prisoners would receive a half liter of liquid which served breakfast, with…

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