The Computer Keyboard Essay

800 Words Oct 31st, 2016 4 Pages
At five, when the sun is still wrapped in it 's blanket, two chartreuse eyes open to greet the morning with distain, cells inside the feebly functioning brain cannot coordinate a simplistic sentence. Annoyed by the surrounding area of a cat 's nose, I feel tapping upon a slow breathing chest. Quickly, I awaken by a sound unknown to these two ears. Monday morning always causes a rude awakening. Mouths breath a heavy sign of exhaustion, Mentally prepping to jot down thoughts while drinking Java. Opening the lonely computer screen in the apartment, I slowly try to decipher thoughts uncoordinated as they are. Undeterred by nonsensical musings, everyone could hear was the clicking of the backspace on the computer keyboard. Sighing, I walk away from the computer to form clear and precise thoughts. By ten, after running into a brick wall of exhaustion hundreds of times, I begrudgingly analyze the tools experienced years ago. I ignite music from an obsolete mp3 player and put earphones into my ears and instantly I feel composed and ready to reorganize scattered thoughts. In a way music is reverse psychology. Pretending to focus on music tricks the brain into thinking that writing is a talent the heart possesses. Music is one ritual that is cathartic for the soul. Music is a ritual that will continue to work; it enables thoughts to flow fluently. I tend to have jumbled thoughts when working on a paper, as there are numerous ideas that pop into the brain at once, while being…

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