The Communist Manifesto By Karl Marx Essays

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I am as astounded as you are, faithful reader, to find my name below the article title when my place has always been behind the printing press. Yet a certain publication in our own nation has moved me to openly opine on the presented theses via the rostrum most readily available: this, your weekly news publication. You may indulge me or not, but I am resolved to provide an extensive review lest my countrymen be under the misconception that The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx will amount to any sort of revolution–Proletarian or otherwise.
As I am sure you are aware, this news publication has been a vehicle to countless articles from the prolific socialist mind of Karl Marx; he provides the workingman a voice of lustrous intellect and strength and envisions a world of democracy. In this noble quest, The Communist Manifesto is no different. Together with his co-writer, Frederick Engels, Marx outlines why we need Communism today, what Communism is, why other forms of socialism have failed, and how Communism will come to be. Although Marx’s assessment of the nature of capitalism’s influence on society and his articulation of the need for a dictatorship of the suppressed working class are virtually flawless, his somewhat sterile and mathematical method of economic determinism fails to take into account humans’ need and proclivity for pathos, propaganda, and nationalism–on which your humble author has made a moderately successful career.
Postulating many theses whose resonance lie…

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