The Communicator Strategy Analysis On The Person Who Is Delivering The Message

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The communicator strategy focuses on the person who is delivering the message. The communicator has an objective and such objective is to receive the desired response or outcome. Objectives are separated into three types; general, action and communication. A general objective is the core or the main point and or idea. When dealing with action objectives, the general objective is specified into action outcomes with specific, measurable and time bound steps. Similarly, the communication objective becomes more specific and it is focused on the result one wishes to achieve. In the case scenario I would lean towards using all three objectives when communicating with my employees. Using all three objectives I would let my employees know that the purpose for the next six months is to increase our customer base. To accomplish such goal at least 20 new clients would be signed monthly and as a result we would have 120 new clients with signed and returned contracts. Audience strategy focuses on who is receiving the message. This strategy focuses on the audience, how they will feel and react to the message and how to make sure I have them on the same page by using persuasion. I will be communication with my employees, I will have an advantage since I am familiar with the audience. My employees include both men and women ages 32-67 and include African-American, Caucasians and Native Americans. One thing I will keep in mind is the formality in which I will address my employees taking…

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