The Communication Accommodation Theory Is Used More Regularly Then I Thought It

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The Communication Accommodation Theory is used more regularly then I thought it was. This theory describes when we meet new people we adapt to how the other person communicates. To evolve a close relationship with someone most people begin talking like the person they are wanting to get close to. This shows that the person cares, and wants to get on a more personal level. To do so, we feel the need to get on the same level as them to be accepted and show that we are intrigued. I have noticed doing this in my own personal life. I began talking similar to one of my friends who has an accent as well as communicating like her. I felt as if this showed I genuinely cared and wanted to be on her level so that I could relate to her. However, there is also people who don’t feel the need to accommodate when meeting a new person. They may want their differences in communication to stand apart from the other person. This is the case in many situations as well. Some people feel that they do not need to accommodate to the other person to feel closer to them. This however, does not always have a positive effect depending on the person and their personality. Accommodating to someone’s type of communication does not always have a positive effect either. If the “group” of friends/family someone is associated with see it as trying to become someone you are not this could cause family/friends to turn on someone. I believe there are good things that come from the Communication…

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