The Common Core States Standards For English Language Arts And Mathematics

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Along with parents, teachers are have the responsibility to inspire, facilitate, motivate and support their student’s to reach their highest potential. Being of education is one of the most important roles a person can have. At the heart of teachers and education, there is always strive to do and be better. Some of the newest advancements to hit education are The Common Core States Standards for English language arts and mathematics. Unquestionably, like with anything else new, there will be both those who support it those who oppose it, and no matter what side they choose, those who proceed to advocate for their beliefs.
Throughout the history of education, like with anything, there has been many advances, discoveries and variations of how to teach, with an emphasis on equal opportunities for all and a push to be at level with other nations. Dating back to 1983, President at the time Ronald Regan releases the Nation at Risk report, brought on by is review of the state of public schools In America, “sounded an alarm on America 's public education system” (Martin, 2015). If was found that we were not up to par to where we had been in the past, and was a warning that other nations overpassed our education levels; there needed to be a serious change to bring us back up to balance with the rest of the globe (Lavenia et al., 2014). Education grew even further from the school accountability movement in the 1990s, where many of the states were beginning to implement student…

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