The Common Core State Standards Essay examples

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The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) was created by a group of governors and implemented in 2010 to reform the United States education system (Mark Sulzer, 2014). The CCSS was created to develop standards for what students, K-12, need to know in each grade to be ready for college and a future career. “These standards communicate what is expected at each grade level, placing students, parents, teachers and school administrators on the same page” (Susan Neuman, 2013). The CCSS is a set of goals and expectations, adopted by 43 states, in Math and English Arts that the students should know to succeed in college and their career; it is not a curriculum for teachers.
According to, 60 percent of first year college students, despite being fully eligible for college, are not academically ready for postsecondary studies. These students learn that they must take remedial courses in English and mathematics that will cost more money and do not count towards college credits. The increase in students taking remedial courses has fueled the argument for a redesign in the United States educational system to better prepare the students for college courses and beyond into their careers.
Common Core State Standards have been adopted to improve the U.S. student performance compared to other developed countries. The CCSS provides each implementing state a standard of education for each student’s academic success to be prepared for college and…

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